Process map

The process map has been created in a circular manner to encourage a closed loop approach to apparel development, consumer use and end of life.

Design has been purposefully placed in the middle as it has an effect on all other process steps from raw materials to end of life. Depending on your role within the apparel process you may resonate more in a particular area, or use the map to encourage collaborative working across all process steps within your organisation.


Includes the creation of textiles and clothing with a particular focus on the concept stage, while examining opportunities for encouraging early, impactful design decisions.

Raw materials & textiles

Encompasses inputs and stages associated with the raw material, through to fabric construction. Textiles refers to greige fabric that is uncoloured and unfinished.


Refers to any process, method or concept that applies colour to a fabric. This could be by traditional dye methods, printing or future innovative concepts.


Refers to any process, method or concept that alters a fabrics aesthetic, performance or both, through mechanical, chemical or biological means.

Garment manufacture

Covers concepts and technologies during the sampling and production stage, which can facilitate material efficiency and waste reduction.


Refers to companies engaging with the consumer beyond their traditional role of manufacturing and selling product through a growing choice of platforms and media – enabling the consumer to play their part in saving resources and reducing and eliminating waste.

End of life

Concepts, technologies and processes associated with product once it has come to the end of its first lifespan. This area focuses on diverting textile waste from landfill for as long as possible, and creating higher values for waste when it has reached the end of its intended life.