Technology & Process

Archroma Advanced Denim, reduces resource use in two ways:

Denim Production
Two new modifications have been developed by Clariant to reduce process steps within denim colouration, whilst at the same time widening the colour potential for denim. Archroma's Denim-Ox process reduces the 10-12 box stages prior to sizing, down to only 4 boxes, whilst their Pad/ Sizing - Ox process reduces this further to just 1 box.

Indigo - Free
In general all jeans are post-washed/treated for aesthetic reasons. One of the most popular post-washings is bleach, which uses chlorine for obtaining a paler blue. In the case of Advanced Denim, the use of Diresul RDT Indicolos instead of Indigo, allows for a more efficient dyeing process but also the possibility to use a safer and more environmental friendly agent to obtain bleached looks.

Image credit: Archroma - Denim e-Book