Technology & Process

Ozone treatment is a resource friendly alternative to water and chemical fabric post treatments. Primarily used in the denim industry, it is also used on knits and non denim wovens in both yarn dyes and solids, to give a fabric an aged appearance.

On denim the ozone treatment is generally used in conjunction with lazer treatment, to remove colour in engineered areas of the garment.

How does it work?
Air from the atmosphere is transformed into a blend of active oxygen and ozone and called plasma. Once the process has been completed the plasma is transformed back into a purified air before being returned to the atmosphere.

What effect does it provide?
Effects such as, casting, cleaning, bleach (with no bleaching) are possible as well as the ability to improve crocking on dark colours. The G2 Ozone Machine from Jeanologia is an example of a machine being used in a commercial environment today.

Image credit: Jeanologia - G2 Ozone Machine