Technology & Process

CO₂ dyeing technology uses a totally water free process that utilizes carbon dioxide for the dyeing of polyester fabrics. These fabrics have the performance that matches that of conventionally dyed polyester.

This new technique puts CO2 under high pressure, which turns the CO2 supercritical. In this state, it has the same properties as both a liquid and a gas.

In addition to zero water use, as the CO2 cools, the dyed fabrics dry quickly without the need of additional heat. The CO2 is returned to its gaseous state with 95% being recycled for subsequent use.

The technology behind this work has been developed by DyeCoo Textile Systems in The Netherlands. Their R&D spans 10 years and has focused on how to take waterless dyeing processes of the past and apply them to todays cost expectations.

The Yeh group in Thailand has been Dyecoo's partner from the very beginning, adding their knowledge of textile dyeing to the development. They currently have 7 machines running, supplying global customers.