Technology & Process

Replacing traditional chemical or burning finishing treatments, Bioblasting is a textile finishing process whereby cellulase enzymes modify the surface of cotton fabrics. Novozymes’ provide a bioblasting technology that prevents pilling, enhances colour retention and ensures smoother, softer, stronger fabrics that are durable to many washes, thus increasing the longevity of the fabric.

The process happens in two stages with enzymatic activity weakening loose fibers before they are removed through mechanical action.

Bioblasting is traditionally done during or after dyeing. By combining process steps, Bioblast Combi is possible in a shorter process time, which saves more water, energy and costs than any other bioblasting method.

The enzymes used in this technology are biodegradable, natural proteins that require a very low dosage. Bioblasting is a favourable alternative to conventional finishing chemicals because it does not contribute significantly to effluent loads.

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Image credit: Novozymes - Bioblast